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Ungoliant's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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O.O [15 Apr 2004|11:45pm]
[ mood | exanimate ]

Well, fuck.


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Stalking Haldir [14 Apr 2004|10:32pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

[OOC: With Gorlim. More to come, soon...]

Finally the prey is moving. She could have torn apart the cottage to reach him, but she'd rather take him alone. Take her time. She won't kill him right away this time, no... Silently she follows him at the rooftop level, quiet as a ghost, considering where best to strike. And as she passes, every spider in the city's foundations crawls out to scuttle in the darkness.

I killed you too quickly last timeCollapse )

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I. Am. HUNGRY. [14 Apr 2004|09:55am]
[ mood | predatory ]

And tired of waiting. I sense change in the palace, the wind is shifting. If I am to feed, it must be NOW, and no grimy peasant will do. HE's here somewhere, elusive, like a flicker of light out of the corner of your eye...

Good thing I have eight eyes.

*goes hunting*

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Some quality gloom I've been spinning here, oh yes [26 Mar 2004|09:44am]
[ mood | patient ]

This promises to be amusing. Unfortunately, I may have to miss the festivities. I'm getting quite hungry. *settles to the roof of a certain cottage on a middle level of Minas Tirith* You have to come out eventually, tidbit...

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Hmm hm hmmm... [11 Mar 2004|11:20am]
[ mood | hungry ]

Bored now.

*silent as death, descends into the unnaturally darkened streets of Minas Tirith, looking for something lovely to destroy...or someone lovely to devour*

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The horsefucker slutking is dead and nobody told me? [27 Feb 2004|04:55pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

All right, class, hands up: who thought I was gone? *tsk* Idiots. I've just been taking a break, saving up energy, incubating a new batch of eggs, waiting for just the right occasion...

*thoughtfully regards the turmoil from atop Mt. Mindolluin*

Hmmmm. Nice. I approve.

*plunges Minas Tirith into utter gloom and darkness*

Hmmmm. I approve even more.

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I'm still here, and I'm fucking pretty, and you'd better not forget it [10 Sep 2003|12:37am]
[ mood | mmmmm-HM. ]

First, a little teaser -- don't get any ideas, I ate the last person who suggested I wash the windows --

Now for the good stuffCollapse )

And the piece de resistance...Collapse )
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There. [18 Jul 2003|11:04pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

That's for my children, bitch. Though really, in the end, it'll hurt HIM more than you...and that's just perfect.


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*lounging, small and unobtrusive, on a rafter beam* [10 Jul 2003|02:51pm]
[ mood | recumbent ]

I'm bored. And I'm hungry. And I'm still holding a grudge. Hmm. How to kill all three pretty birds with one stone...?

*upon consideration of current trends and events, skitters into a carefully selected fold of blanket and settles in to bide time*

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[05 Jun 2003|02:31pm]
[ mood | just because ]

Hmmmm. Now where IS that third Silmaril?

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Oooooo. [30 Apr 2003|12:17pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Someone has given me a paid account. *beams* Between that and my yummy stomach-full of stupidshinymaia, I'm feeling rather quite back up to snuff.

Speaking of "snuff"...my feud with Boromir may be over, but I still have a few scores to settle. Hmm. I have time. It will to wait. Vanthene dear? I sense you may, perhaps, want something of me. What might that be, pray tell...?

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My To-Do List For Today [27 Apr 2003|09:45pm]
[ mood | creative ]

  • Remake comfy nest under Vanthene's collar after her de-maidening excursion?
  • Locate my latent servants and ascertain their usefulness?
  • Locate my targets and determine their vulnerabilities? In progress.
  • Have a nice snack to get my strength back up?
  • Hatch evil schemes? In progress.

    Busy, busy, busy, and not a manicurist in all of Anorien. SIGH. It's not easy being evil.
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    Hmmmmm... [10 Apr 2003|08:59am]
    [ mood | intrigued ]

    *settles cozily on your shoulder*

    Problems, my dear?

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    Evil echoes. [01 Apr 2003|12:39am]
    Evil spreads in lazy ripples, taint breeding contamination breeding taint...until like ripples in a pond it strikes a far shore and slithers back the way it came, clashing and reverberating in subtle fractals until anything is possible.

    Evil echoes. Evil done to one version of a man reflects across the dimensions in another, the two possibilities shearing across each other like sheets of jagged ice. Ripples and echoes, rebounding in a subtle disharmony too improbable to be heard or seen...

    But enough to draw the attention of the misty shreds of a shattered spirit adrift on the Void. Enough to dimly guide it back to the Walls of Night, enough to slip through a fractional weakness in the metaphysical boundaries of Arda--

    Huh! Enough of that. Guess who's back, boys and girls.
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    o.O [14 Jan 2003|01:53pm]
    [ mood | dead-ish ]


    *tries to repair spider form*

    *tries to resume human form*

    ...well, fuck.

    *vacates ruined physical form and flees beyond the Walls of Night, a mere thin shadowy shred of herself*

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    Full Circle [09 Jan 2003|12:23pm]
    [ mood | predatory ]

    Shadows twisted and curled through the trees, unnatural darkness licking at the clear waters of the Anduin as the great river rushed past under the stars. No moon shone overhead, and no living thing made a sound in the woods.

    But someone WAS waiting there, something which smiled as booted footsteps rustled dead leaves down the ridge which led down to the shore. "Welcome back to Amon Hen, Boromir."

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    FOUL TREACHERY [07 Jan 2003|09:12pm]
    [ mood | sticky ]

    Oh. So that's what all those nasty little things are.


    Excuse me. I need some ice and a jar of peanut butter.

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    Stage Two [06 Jan 2003|10:49pm]
    [ mood | working ]

    In which further nastiness is visited upon the Stewards' LineCollapse )

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    Oh IS he. Really. [21 Dec 2002|12:59pm]
    [ mood | thoughtful ]

    Hmmm. ;)

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    I am vaguely miffed. [03 Nov 2002|05:51pm]
    [ mood | curious ]

    *collars Ozymandias when he returns seeking Alcawyn, who seems to have scampered out*

    So. Looks like it's just you and me. Let's go have a little...chat...about your date, shall we?

    *drags him away*

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    Still going strong on the party circuit [01 Nov 2002|10:56pm]
    [ mood | flirty ]

    Nice shindig. They didn't have...what do they call these?..."raves" in the First Age through Third Ages. And they say there's no such thing as progress--

    Hmm. You look familiar. Have we met, little girl? Speak up, I can't abide mumbling.

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    Dwarves build good malls. Whodathought? [30 Oct 2002|10:42pm]
    [ mood | naughty ]

    (( *halo* ))

    Just checking in to say that we had a lovely time out shopping today. I bought more pairs of shoes than one woman should ever own in her life. On her stolen credit card. That was delightful. I think I'll have them all shipped to him.

    Oh, hush now, I'm not completely heartless -- I'll throw in this nice feather boa. It'll match his eyes.

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    Right. I've had enough of this. [28 Oct 2002|08:49pm]
    [ mood | irritated ]

    The Tums aren't working, and this isn't something you can just cough up into the porcelain god. Annoying though it is to admit it, this little problem requires...assistance.

    *strides into the Mandos entry hall and looms over the check-in desk*

    I'm here about a soul.

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    Do the macarena in my presence and DIE. No. Really. I've killed for less. [27 Oct 2002|12:04pm]
    [ mood | nauseated ]

    Once I ate got past the bouncer, we had a marvellous time dancing up in Mandos last night. Luthien may be on my list of Elves Who Need To Be Dropped Down a Well, but I'll give her credit for designing a mean nightclub. There were too many hobbits on the dancefloor for my taste -- kudos to Saruman for some creative work down there in the Shire! -- but they're small enough to kick aside, so it wasn't too much of a problem.

    Crashing at some maia friend of Amillo's pad tonight. Going shopping today. Broke my best set of stilettos on one of those little dirtgrubbers. Ugh. Stomach still twisted up in knots, and it's NOT a hangover. Nor is it little spiderlings (again). No doubt about it: I'm quite sure it was something I ate over the weekend. Double ugh. Note: add Vala-Strength Tums to the list.

    Thuringwethil! Darling, it's been millennia! Leave the kids with a babysitter, the Malls of Moria await and I have credit limits like you would not believe!

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    *burrrrrp* [24 Oct 2002|09:30pm]
    [ mood | rejuvenated ]

    *looks vibrantly contented*

    Back from my daytrip to the mainland -- there are some excellent eateries there, if you know where to look and aren't squeamish about the packaging. Ugh. Elf. Still, though, best meal I've had in Ages, though I think I swallowed something the wrong way -- my stomach is giving me hell.

    *looks mildly queasy, too*

    I can think of one thing that will make me feel better, short of slaughtering every cute child in NeverLand, which actually would make me feel a little disturbed. Oddly, I DO find myself just a tad fond of the small offspring of various races I loathe as adults. Eh. It's a mystery.

    Regardless... Amillo? Tie back your dreds and put on your best shirt -- yes, the one without curry stains. We are going DANCING. Come! Las Chicas Muertas awaits!

    sexy in black

    Light above, light within, but darkness beyond... [18 Oct 2002|10:51pm]
    [ mood | predatory ]

    The woman leaned casually against a tree, ankles crossed and one foot jauntily on toe as she examined her perfect nails. To the untrained eye, she was merely human -- beautiful, perhaps, but nothing to evince such a shocked reaction.

    However, elven eyes see more than the surface. In this case, Haldir was having trouble focusing upon her at all. To his moon-heightened senses she was an noisome unnatural thing, a woman-shaped mask stretched tight over a yawning pit of darkness. His unearthly glow did not penetrate the woods behind her, and in her shadow half-seen nightmares chittered hungrily.

    And even if his senses had not been screaming a warning...he knew her.

    Ah. Archer of the Golden Wood. Just the elf I wanted to see. Fancy meeting you here, so far from your witchqueen's protection. And on such a night...such a dangerous night.

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    I AM still here, thank you very much [15 Oct 2002|11:53pm]
    [ mood | moody ]

    Though I have been told that I haven't had a melodramatic fit in a very long time. This is true.

    *has one*

    There. OH yes. That was refreshing. :) Now... *puts hands on hips and glares about NeverLand* Hrmph. This scheme altruistic gesture is not going so well. I'd start randomly kidnapping kids, but with Amillo still out of commission (spiderdillos?!?!?!?) there's no girdle and thus no protection from retribution. I'm feeling my thin veneer of patently fake good nature flaking away with every day I have to sit here and pretend to be Tinkerbell for a pack of (admittedly cute) hobbit children. *sulks*

    You know what? I need a good deep draught of light. But can't touch the Trees. So. What else around here would taste good...?

    ...oh. OH. Idea. Oh my. Hmm. That might take some work, though...still, what else do I have to do right now? HmmmmMMMMMmmmm...

    No, not telling you. Get the hell out of my journal, you voyeurs!

    sexy in black

    Sweeeeeeet [30 Sep 2002|11:31pm]
    [ mood | rushed ]

    I have my very own maia. This is a pleasant surprise. He seemed a little disappointed when I told him that I've Reformed For The Sake Of The Children, but after I filled him in on the entire situation some consideration he agreed to lie low in plain sight Mend His Evil Ways.

    He's bringing his own tower, apparently, which is a relief. With that damn armadillo my darling snugglewookums out of commission with a bad case of gotnopowersitus, Never-Never-Land is habitable but dull. Perhaps my new servant can spice it up a bit...if nothing else, he can fill in as the prerequisite Captain Hook figure until those bloody corsairs answer the pigeon I send a week ago.

    sexy in black

    *taps nails thoughtfully* [17 Sep 2002|10:02pm]
    [ mood | frustrated ]

    Well, This sudden power outage has put a serious crimp in my Never-Land plans. (And a serious crimp in Amillo. Nice dreads, though.) Still though, it's only a temporary setback. The island is up and basically habitable, so there's no reason Ozy's friends can't move in and start building treehouses or playing tag or torturing the fat kid with glasses whatever boys do when left to their own devices.

    I'm a little uneasy without a girdle in place, but surely nobody in Middle-Earth would wish harm upon a bunch of little kids! *soulful look* In the meantime, how to keep them entertained when they run out of shiny things? Hmm. I'll dash off a letter to the corsairs to see if they'd be willing to play pirate now and then. Everything else will have to wait.

    As for my own powers...well, I'm not a maia, now am I? *smile* However, if you think I'm idiotic enough to go evil again when I know perfectly well that everything will be back to normal in a week, you're stupider than the average mortal. And that's saying a lot. I know some stupid, stupid mortals. You know who you are.

    sexy in black

    Maternal...instincts...rising... [14 Sep 2002|02:18am]
    [ mood | thoughtful ]

    *somewhere very, very private*

    So. I heard you were having trouble with a mad elf, young master Ozymandias, but instead I find you being hunted by your own sister. *sympathetic look* You poor child. Do you even remember your real parents? Your mother...?

    Ah, but perhaps that's not the right foot to start out on. You are on a quest. Whereas I suddenly find that I yearn to hear the patter of little feet...and, quite frankly, the eight-legged kind don't seem to last very long around here. *damnthatmurderoustinuvielbitch*

    Thus I would like to propose...a mutually beneficial arrangement. *runs a well-manicured finger under Ozy's chin and smiles charmingly at him* I know where you can find your Never-Never Land. Are you interested, little one?

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    I have been brooding. [10 Sep 2002|10:37pm]
    [ mood | angelic ]

    For a very long time. I am quite good at it. Melkor might try to say he's better at it than I am, but that's only because he was locked up for three ages with nothing better to do than chew on his chain. I have been known to brood voluntarily for centuries at a stretch.

    The nice thing about brooding is when it becomes boring, you'll do just about anything to come up with a good excuse to stop without losing face over whatever it was you were brooding about in the first place.

    Amillo? Sweetheart? I need an island. Can you raise me one? I wouldn't want to cause any tidal waves, mercy no, so it doesn't have to be very big -- just big enough for a small mortal to be able to walk all the way around it in one day.

    *bats eyes and tickles Amillo's scaly little chin* Pretty, pretty please? With cherries on top? I'd be...very...grateful. And so would the children.

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    Hmm. Oh Amillo darling... [24 Aug 2002|11:50pm]
    [ mood | devious ]

    ...how much do you love me, anyhow...?

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    *pondering* [13 Aug 2002|12:01am]
    [ mood | thoughtful ]

    But I'm not going to tell you WHAT I'm pondering.

    *taptaptap of great sharp spidery legs drumming absently in the shadows*

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    Bored. [09 Aug 2002|10:27am]
    [ mood | jealous ]

    Bored. Bored. Oh, a supposedly godslaying sword. Huh. Cute. Hmm. Bored. Bored. B--


    Oh my. I WANT that.

    *adds to shopping list right after this, this, this, and this*

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    Oh indeed [06 Aug 2002|08:42pm]
    [ mood | horny ]

    If I spent today naked, it was because I bloody well felt like it. Not because Morgie had anything to do with it. Feh.

    Oh, and I hear Faramir's a maia now. Hmmmmmmmm. You'd think people would have learned by now that becoming his servant always ends badly.

    This should be most amusing.

    sexy in black

    Semi-OOC: What am I, an eight-legged frisbee? [02 Aug 2002|01:32pm]
    [ mood | evil ]

    Oh. Hmm. I see. And now I've been tossed back to the other mun, the one who says Arda needs a "real non-pansy villain," the one who delights in making everyone loathe me, the one who thinking mutilating heroes should be a competitive sport--


    This...is not necessarily a bad thing.

    Kids? I'm back.

    *settles in for a nice long nasty scheming session*

    5 sultry stares | sexy in black

    [30 Jul 2002|01:17am]
    [ mood | pissed off ]

    Somehow this is oddly familiar.

    *ducks a tectonic plate as it hurtles overhead, frisbee-style*

    What the FUCK?!


    *creates a giant black cloud, sits on it*

    Feel free to hop on, but I'm NOT FUCKING RETURNING ANYTHING THIS TIME.

    Fuck, when the family decides to play...

    sexy in black

    OOC [27 Jul 2002|04:31pm]
    [ mood | accomplished ]

    [ *Ungoliant's tempmun bows* Whew. What a ride. Hope you all had a good time! *smiles and meekly hands the reins back to Ungoliant's original mun* ]

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    Hmmmmmm. [25 Jul 2002|12:39am]
    [ mood | smugly evil ]

    I seem to have arrived moments too late -- Melkor has gone meekly home to his daddy. Again. Predictable. But he left his toy behind...and what an interesting toy it is.

    *To Luthien's eyes, the shadows behind the throne writhe and hiss*

    Hello, my dear. I believe you murdered my children.

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    Something feels familiar [24 Jul 2002|09:40am]
    *belatedly peers out from her hidden lair and hisses*

    He's back. And already up to his old tricks, I see.

    Perhaps I should prepare some sort of...welcome.
    sexy in black

    Somewhere dark and safe and far, far away [05 Jul 2002|07:52pm]
    [ mood | moody ]

    Ungoliant frowns as most of her pawns are pulled back from the brink of utter darkness. Then she gasps sharply as she senses the death-screams of her elder children as they are crushed beneath a mountain of masonry.

    For a moment, she looks...hurt. Then her eyes flash cold and the moment is lost.

    And so a message is dispatched to the Steward's elder son:

    Gloating aheadCollapse )

    1 sultry stare | sexy in black

    OOC: Oh my! [05 Jul 2002|11:26am]
    [ mood | touched ]

    [My apologies, socks and pups, if this storyline is causing any real distress -- this was never intended to interfere with your true lives or other in-character doings. :) I have faded back for now to let the corrupted players (they know who they are) work their own chaos.]

    [Other than that, please do storm Dol Guldor and capture-- er, save poor mad Miranda. Her mun is offline today but asks that she and her pets put up a good fight before she's rescued. We both trust you to have fun with this but have her in your custody by dinner tonight. Enjoy!]

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    An unexpected dawn [05 Jul 2002|09:29am]
    [ mood | mysterious ]

    Day rises brighter and clearer than anyone could have expected, considering the evening before. Surprisingly, Mirkwood looks less ominous today; in fact, the shadows seem to be blowing away on the morning breeze, and the leaves are again green in the sun.

    Dol Guldor is visible in the far distance, though the lady who paces its broken crown in the company of her arachnid guardians is not. Still, she is there...and waiting.

    sexy in black

    Trust...such a fatal weakness [04 Jul 2002|03:20pm]
    [ mood | accomplished ]

    Leaning on the battlements of the tower of Dol Guldor, guiding shadow and spiders in battle at the southern border of Mirkwood

    Hmm. They're holding out better than I thought, and those annoying wood-elves will be there sooner than I'd like. Still...so much the better, I suppose. Vengeance in blood is wonderful in the short run, but vengeance of the soul can be so much tastier if you have the patience to orchestrate it ahead of time...

    *purses her perfect lips and blows a kiss into the wind* Now, my dears. You know what to do. You've known since my smallest children sank their fangs into your flesh...and planted my will into yours.

    Suffer, sons of Denethor, and all who throw in their lot with your accursed line.

    *turns away* This game is nearly at an end -- for me. For them, it is only beginning. Miranda, darling...a word with you, my dear.

    40 sultry stares | sexy in black

    Ah, morning. Who needs sunshine? [04 Jul 2002|12:15pm]
    [ mood | moody ]

    *str-r-r-r-r-etch* I have spent a most enjoyable night seeing how far my pet's mind can be bent before it breaks. I am pleased to say "quite a bit," because if she had snapped too soon then what what I have done with the rest of the night hmmm? But snap she did, in the end.

    I bore so easily.

    hands Miranda something shiny and pats her on the bowed blond head

    She did her best, I'll allow her that. Still, she won't last another night. A new game is required. And my smallest eyes high in the trees tell me that one approaches even now...

    strokes the nearest horse-sized spider -- the tower throne-chamber is packed with them from wall to wall

    Go, my children. Strike before the king's reinforcements arrive. But do not harm your brother. And remember: spare my other pawns until all is darkest...

    And so the darkness under the eaves of Mirkwood swells with monsters rushing headlong towards the border...

    [ OOC: I saw this, so I do hope my post here hasn't caused any problems? I doubt this plot will resolve completely today anyhow... ]

    sexy in black

    In the heart of a deep-shadowed forest... [03 Jul 2002|06:29pm]
    [ mood | predatory ]

    There. My children are once again loose in Mirkwood. Shrouded in my shadows they are free to spin and spin until every path is a deadly ambush. I need not concern myself with the heroes who are doubtless rushing to challenge me. To other business, then...

    Shattered remnants of a cellphone rain down around Miranda as the day's last sunlight fades from the room, leaving her alone in chains and darkness.

    For a long moment, all she can hear is her own heartbeat. Then an iron will crashes against her mind's defenses, alternately cajoling and battering, seeking a way within. She bravely steels herself against this assault but then her concentration falters as, all around, clustered eyes glow red and the skittering begins...

    It will be a very, very long night.

    2 sultry stares | sexy in black

    The most difficult part... [03 Jul 2002|11:08am]
    [ mood | satisfied ]

    ...was actually crossing the dimensional barrier between our two worlds. Ironically, I was able to achieve this because those silly actors have been weakening it themselves with their strange fixation on partying with their Arda equivalents.

    I do so love irony.

    A little research -- a magazine here, a website there -- was all it took to discover that my human form bears a striking resemblance to this woman. A few phone calls, an exaggeration of an old acquaintance, and dear Miss Otto did not suspect a thing.

    And so.

    I'm terribly sorry for the rats and the damp and the dark and the chains...no, wait, I forgot, I'm evil. Never mind the "sorry" part. Oh, is that a bruise already...? Tsk, tsk. So fragile.

    Hold still, my dear. This may hurt...just...a little...


    Did I mention that I'm a FABulous liar? I think it'll actually hurt quite a bit. But you have something I want, and I've been patient long enough.

    [ OOC: Yes, this is with Mirmun's cooperation. I have not mentioned where I'm holding her, so an instant miraculous rescue is not on the agenda... ]

    3 sultry stares | sexy in black

    [01 Jul 2002|02:38pm]
    [ mood | busy ]

    *purrs as she reassumes human form, crossing one long leather-clad leg over the other and lounging languidly in the darkness of her hidden lair*

    When you're exiled bodiless beyond the Walls of Night, you have nothing to do but think. And scheme. And burn. My brief time as a do-gooder seems like a faint, distant foolishness now. If that is what love and light mean, then both are worthless. Except...they are not worthless to those I despise. And so in one simple stroke I shall both wreak my vengeance and possess what should have been mine.

    Ah, but enough evil gloating (tm) for one day. It wouldn't do to warn the so-called heroes, would it? And I have yet so much to do. Spells to research, curses to inspect, and...ahh, hello there, my little ones. *idly strokes one of the furry eight-legged monsters now roaming at will across her reclined body* It has been a long time since I had children to...instruct.

    4 sultry stares | sexy in black

    [30 Jun 2002|08:19pm]
    [ mood | naughty ]

    Quick semi-OOC note: my temporary mun will be at helm for two weeks, and there IS a dark-plot in the works. Contact me on AIM at LadyLightbane if interested; any puppets are welcome, and you do not have to participated in the previous war or even know any of the characters involved to do so.

    sexy in black

    ^^o.o^^ [30 Jun 2002|01:11pm]
    [ mood | contemplative ]

    ((Hmmm...I seem to have a new mun. Well, well. {soft throaty chuckle of ominous laughter} ))

    Weeks have passed. Quietly, in the darkness, as unnoticed as after at the dawn of days, the shadowed valley of Nan Dungortheb has once again become choked in cobwebs thick enough to snare the sun herself should she ever foolishly wander so low.

    Beneath this dark billowing shield, legs scurry and mandibles click hungrily. Deeper still, eyes gleam red with malice as perfect lips curve to savor a carefully banked thirst for vengeance.

    Something has returned. And bides its time.

    sexy in black

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